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The situation is *completely* different. Dean didn’t mess up, or choose something over Sam..He wasn’t hooked on demon’s blood, he didn’t choose the demon providing the blood, over Sam..He chose to save Sam’s life…He saved his brother’s life, like they always have. That’s what they do..Why would this time be any different? Sam is lying when he says he would not have done the same thing for Dean…He would have done it in a heart beat. Remember when Dean was electrocuted in Season 1 and Sam takes him to a healer? Something Dean wasn’t so thrilled about? Or, when Dean was going to go to hell, and Sam wanted to find a way of keeping his brother around, so he convinces Dean to go to Eerie, PA, and investigate Doc Benton (zombie doctor), trying to find a tiny sliver of hope of keeping Dean from going to hell?  The brothers save each other.. it is what they DO.. So the above situation does not compare to what is happening now. Dean was doing what they always do, Sam should understand this.

I agree. There’s a difference between letting an angel in (even if we know angels can be douchebags) to save life and drinking demon blood just because “oh, I feel weak and not important at all”.

Btw, Sam is really becoming a douchebag this season. I mean I know, Crowley is a demon and he’s done terrible things, and he still does, but Sam refuses to see that Crowley has changed, that he may have a bit of feelings now. And that they turned him into a junkie. Ugh.


Seven Deadly Sins of public transport


#YES YES YES YES THIS IS HOW GOOD BOOKS SHOULD LOOK #i understand it when people hate cracked spines #but anybody that says a battered and falling apart book is sad #and thinks that’s not how you love a book #is talking shit #i love books and they look good like this #they are meant to be read and passed around and get crushed in bags because you can’t leave the house without them #you’re meant to dog ear the pages you love and underline in pencil and stick in stickynotes #if you want pristine you should buy an e-reader #because this is how you experience a book

What if I told you that you can read a book like 30 times (including outdoors) and not ruin it. You can experience a book without writing in it or destroying it. You can use bookmarks. You just have to take a little care about your book.(oh, btw - my most loved books are the least damaged ones. and I’ve read them again and again and again.)

it flashes bright, then fades away


Thanks to everyone who has been submitting their little facts to our sub-Reddit This is the most upvoted so far.


Thanks to everyone who has been submitting their little facts to our sub-Reddit 
This is the most upvoted so far.

Dean Winchester Meme || Reoccurring Themes [3/4]

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The thing that really makes me laugh about supernatural fic writers, especially the type who make the actors uncomfortable at cons is that….
do they not realize they are literally Becky.


My Kind of Valentine’s Day! ♥♥♥♥


My Kind of Valentine’s Day! ♥♥♥♥


I have a friend that loves Green Day. And she used to talk about them 24/7 and it was exactly like those Supernatural fans that always post gifs of SPN on every goddamned post. You’re ruining something beautiful